The Fretish Blog

My name is Sam.  I live and work in Boston, Massachusetts.  I started playing guitar in 1986, shortly after I went to see Journey play in concert.

I launched Fretish in the summer of 2017.  The premise of Fretish is straightforward: give musicians a platform for sharing musical instruments with one another.  Like other “sharing economy” platforms (Airbnb, et al), Fretish allows users to list guitars and gear for short term rent, handles payment processing, supports ratings/reviews and offers tools for communicating with prospective renters.  You can also sell gear outright through Fretish.

The purpose of this blog is to complement Fretish “the platform” with:

  • How-To guides for the various customer segments including instrument owners, guitar builders and renters/buyers of musical instruments.
  • Interviews with musicians, guitar builders and music industry professionals.
  • Product reviews / demonstrations.
  • News of Fretish events or upcoming features.

The Fretish blog will NOT cover:

  • Tablature.
  • Lessons.  (At least not on a regular basis.)
  • Forums.

There are a multitude of excellent resources for teaching music/songs and sharing information about specific brands and models, so Fretish will try to stick to our proverbial lane.

Should you have questions about this blog or the Fretish service, please contact me here: https://fretish.com/user_feedbacks/new